2009 ~ Recognition

Flowers are popping out from the background of abstract texture, which represents opening.
The line is accurate and sharp, and the image has decorative elegance like the work Klimt draws.


Emil Memon (art critic)

Among the many painters I have visited to Valencia, I am a painter who conveys illusion more strongly.
Like the Western ancient saints in the Valencia Art Museum,
And, like Western craftsmen, they have high skills, focusing on the beauty in the mind, they are portrayed and depicted.
He says, “There are Buddhism in Japanese culture, we find gods in nature and draw it.”

From ARTEY LIBERTAD paper (Valencia, Spain)

Hiromitsu Kato’s work is in Japan between the 17th century and the 20th century,
One genre created the image of nature,
It was made by fine manual work like Ukiyo-e technique.
While influenced by prints, Kato Hirokiri pursues and expresses fragments of nature deeply together with western collages.

Valencia · Fine Arts Center (Spain) Exhibition Evaluation

He has excellent technique (technique) and expressive power, all nerves entering all works, and he has a passion.
It is important to say that Arco (the largest art event in Europe) and the contemporary art museum are the size.
From now on I will cooperate and I would like to connect Hiromitsu Kato to Arco.

Paca Carsi (art critic, art magazine editor-in-chief)